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silk screen printed banners and flags


Manual silk screen banner, pennants

printed flags and bannersfelt flags felt bannerss
Proceed as follows:

First, prepare the screen (easy approach): (requires 2 people to cooperate)

1. Use a 5070mm wood to make two rectangular boxes of 3000mm*600mm (inner space). If you have a large enough space, you can print 6m long banners at a time. Make two screens for rotation and increase efficiency. The key: thick wood is not easy to deform. (Wood is generally 3.1m long, banners are generally 700mm wide, 500-550mm high print)

Note: It is also possible to do wide points appropriately, so it is better to use them, for example: 3000mmx700mm, but be careful not to leak the slurry onto the banner cloth when printing.

2, 60-80 mesh mesh cloth soaked with water, with a nail gun (U-nails) first nail 4 corner positioning, and then nailed a long side of the wood side (side), nailed side, Flip the wooden frame, starting from the middle, one person pulls the net cloth forcefully, one nails,

Pull one side of the nail until the entire net stretches very tightly on the wooden frame. Use a utility knife to cut off the excess mesh. Use a lighter to remove the burrs from the screen to prevent slipping.

3, hit the screen version by hand, issued a "click" sound, the screen succeeded.

The key technology: screen cloth soaked with water (mesh has wet shrinkage characteristics!), in the case of mesh is not dry, to complete all the work!

Second, plate making:

1, the layout of the banner content in the computer layout, the word height control in 500-550mm, length within 3m, too long banner is divided into several sections. Then use a 60cm wide sticker to make a mirror (semi-permeable). Note: Be sure to mirror!

2. Place the screen horizontally on the ground and the mesh cloth upwards. The whole adhesive sheet will be affixed to the mesh cloth, and the word will be removed to make a stencil screen.

Third, prepare manual printing:

1. Laying a rubber mat on a flat floor (insulation material is available for sale, black, can be used repeatedly for many years, 6m is enough)

Note: The ground must be flat!

2, screen printing paste preparation: Use a suitable container, such as: plastic pots, a chopsticks, stirring screen printing paste. Baihua Pulp (also called state pulp) is added with the required pigments, suitable for printing light-colored, dark-colored banners, such as: red on white, red on yellow, etc.

Overprinting white: If the word is light, you must use overprint white paste, such as: red yellow, red white, blue white.

Note: Use 10-20% (volume ratio) Baihua pulp when using cover printing white to prevent blocking of the printing process.

3, prepare a pot of water, a wet rag, a dry rag, a hair dryer, a rubber screen printing squeegee (20-30cm long, according to their own habits, too short to use), spare.

4. Lay the banner cloth on the insulating rubber pad and put the screen plate on it. The printing person's feet are standing on the screen wooden frame. The other person holds down the other end of the screen with a wooden frame to prevent the screen plate from shifting.

5. Pre-press inspection: Carefully check whether the screen and banner cloth are in close contact, whether there are any strokes that have not been removed, and whether the image is forgotten.

6. Start doing it without problems. After printing, do not forget to clean the screen. The next time you need to use it, it will be well protected. It will be an investment and used for many years.

Comment: This method is suitable for entrepreneurs who do not want to invest in banner thermal transfer equipment (approximately 0.8-1 million yuan). The single-frame efficiency is relatively low and the cost is high. If multiple copies of the same content are printed, the cost will be low. After skilled, the printed banner will be very beautiful! This method is also suitable for printing large-size flags, such as the No. 2 flag, which can receive 300-350 yuan per face. It is worth noting that the printed page feels overwhelming.

This method is also the only way to print a foamed pennant at present, except that the screen is used as a small dot (8001200mm), and a 100-120 mesh screen is used. The slurry is changed to a foamed silk paste until the foamed pulp on the banner is dry. Use a steam iron to evaporate the word. The exquisite Foam flag is finished!

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